Chevrolet Service Frequently Asked Questions

Your Most Common Chevrolet Service Questions, Answered

At Victory Chevrolet, we believe that an informed customer is a happy customer, even if you're dealing with something unexpected. We're here to provide expert vehicle service for your Chevrolet at our service center in Charlotte, but we also want to make sure that you understand what your vehicle needs and why certain maintenance items are important so you can make an informed decision. Here, we'll be answering some of the most common questions we get so that you can be better prepared for your Chevrolet's service needs.

Q: What is a Brake Job?

When you're told you need a "brake job", it might sound a bit vague, but that's because your brake system is made up of dozens of components that affect both the safety and stopping power of your vehicle. A brake job could mean simply swapping brake pads and replacing the brake fluid to restore pedal feel and give you confident stopping power. Or it could mean changing out the rotors and calipers due to corrosion and rust that compromise the integrity of your braking system. Either way, you'll get the safety and stopping power you need to drive with confidence.

Are the Oil Change Intervals Really Important?

In short, yes. But it's more detailed than that. Each Chevrolet model has different needs based on the engine that sits under the hood. A turbocharged four-cylinder Equinox will need more frequent oil changes because the turbo generates a lot of heat and requires more lubrication, therefore old oil will cause problems more quickly. Meanwhile, a standard four-cylinder model can go longer between oil changes. And with larger engines like our 5.0-liter V8s, oil changes are huge for managing heat and maintaining power delivery for hundreds of thousands of miles.

My Car is Overheating. What Should I Do?

If you get a warning that your vehicle is overheating, do not drive the vehicle. An issue with the cooling system could be causing internal engine parts to heat beyond their tolerance before the overheating sensor gets the message, causing irreparable damage to your engine. If you get this warning, pull over and have your vehicle towed to our service center where we'll help get to the bottom of your overheating issues.

Does Preventative Maintenance Really Save Money?

While we understand that preventative maintenance can seem like a lot of money to spend on a vehicle that is running well, it pales in comparison to what you'll spend when things start to go wrong. For example, an alignment costs anywhere from $80 to $150 per year, while replacing wheel bearings, hubs, and shocks will cost you upwards of $700 to get taken care of. Things get even more disparate when discussing the gulf between regular oil changes and tearing down an engine to replace valves and rods.

Will Skipping Regular Maintenance Void My Warranty?

Yes. Skipping oil changes, fluid fills, and inspections as recommended in your owner's manual can result in a void of your warranty should you encounter an issue. For example, if your engine seizes but you've habitually gone thousands of miles beyond your recommended oil change interval, the issue may not be covered if it is found to be a result of excessive engine wear.

Can I Schedule Service Online?

You can! At Victory Chevrolet, we give you online service scheduling tools so you can give your car the attention it deserves without having to make a call in the middle of the day.

How Important are My Tires?

As the only part of your vehicle that touches the road, having quality tires on your vehicle affects the handling, ride quality, performance, and safety of your vehicle, all at once.

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