Simple Tips For Protecting Your Chevy In The Summer

Simple Tips For Protecting Your Chevy In The Summer

Summer remains a testing time for cars. Vehicles, just like humans, loose fluids in this season. Driving regularly in scorching weather or parking under direct sunlight for prolonged periods can impact separate parts, impairing the vehicle’s performance. 

To get the most out of your car in Charlotte, you need to show it some extra love in summer. As mercury shoots up, follow these summer car protection tips to exercise good care of your car.

1. Use A Sunshield Beneath Your Windshield 

Vehicles have a tendency to trap heat. Placing your car under the sun can result in your interiors heating up. When this happens, the performance of various parts can take a hit. To steer clear of performance and other issues, try finding shade. In addition, to maintain optimal temperatures, consider installing a sun shield beneath your windshield.

2. Maintain Proper Fluid Levels 

Cars contain different fluids, like windshield washer fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, engine oil, and brake oil that help different parts perform the way they should. During summer, cars lose these essential fluids at a rapid rate. To prevent this, top them up at frequent intervals.

3. Take Good Care Of Your Tires 

When it comes to essential car protection tips for summer, the importance of maintaining your tires cannot be emphasized enough. Avoid driving on under-inflated tires and carry out inspections for uneven wear and cracks. 

Make sure nails and stones with sharpened edges are not lodged in any of your tires. To know the correct tire pressure for your model, refer to your manual. If a tire is damaged beyond repair or is approaching the end of its service life, prepare it to be replaced with a new one. 

4. Top-Up Coolant At Regular Intervals 

Every model contains coolant – a liquid that regulates the temperature of the vehicle. To prevent numerous parts of your car from heating up, it is thoroughly recommended that you check and top off the coolant at frequent intervals. 

When refilling your coolant, remember checking your hoses by squeezing them. If they feel firm, we don’t have a problem. However, if they feel squishy, don’t consume a minute before consulting an automotive expert. 

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Source: Chevrolet