Summer Driving Tips for Your Teen

Teen Driver

Summer Driving Tips for Your Teen

As the summer begins, there's no better time to talk about safety with your teen driver. Whether you're shuffling to work or heading for pleasure in the sun, prepare your fresh driver for the path ahead. Not sure where to get started? Make it personal and share stories behind the wheel of your own experiences. Nothing will resonate more than hearing about the first-hand lessons you have learned. Consider developing a 'Safe Driving Contract' with strict rules of the road. Hold your young adult accountable develop their behavior on the road. Always speak to the consequences that may occur if they disobey these rules. Check out these principal points to include!

  1. Limit passengers and reduce distractions. For an inexperienced driver, a vehicle complete of friends can be over-stimulating. Keep the car group to a one or two-person limit to minimize the vehicle's surplus activity.
  2. Know the speed limit and follow it. Speed is a significant contributing factor to deadly teenage crashes. Educate your young driver about the significance of speed limit control and consciousness. Get them in the habit of leaving five minutes ago to arrive safely at their destination.
  3. Turn off your cell phone. Put it in the bag or glove box. Let them understand that the text message is not worth the price you can pay. Download a family-friendly, secure driving app for further security and tracking. Many block calls and emails send alerts that let others know your kid is busy driving

Safe driving starts with the best practices and tools. Finding a car that suits the skills and needs of your child will improve their level of convenience. Choose for them the suitable size and safety characteristics. Our specialists at{ DEALER NAME} are ready to inform and assist with finding the best choice. Start testing drive from our incredible fleet of Kia cars today at Victory Chevrolet Charlotte in Charlotte, NC!

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