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Chevrolet Suburban Safety | Victory Chevrolet

The Chevy Suburban in Charlotte is not just the biggest SUV around today; it’s also one of the safest. Chevrolet has strived to encourage confident driving – confidence that can only come when safety is assured. That’s why Chevrolet has invested major resources on developing technologically and scientifically sound safety features for the Chevy Suburban.

The Electronic Stability Control System
It’s easy to lose control of a mammoth-sized vehicle. The Chevy Suburban’s electronic stability control system slows down the engine when it senses the handling limits have been exceeded.

Adaptive Cruise Control
Driving can get strenuous when fatigue sets in. The system allows the driver to concentrate solely on driving while it maintains a consistent distance (set by the driver) from other vehicles.

Lane Keeping Assist System
The lane keeping assist’s features kick in when the driver isn’t actively steering. It lets the driver relax while it takes over and makes minor steering wheel turns to stay within lanes. Lane departure warning alerts kick in as well to provide an extra blanket of safety.

Lane Change Alert
The system makes use of short-range radar sensors to warn the driver of fast-approaching lane-changing vehicles.

4-Wheel ABS
The 4-wheel ABS’s wheel speed sensors keep track of the wheel deceleration rates.

Low-Speed Forward Automatic Braking
This feature comes into play when traveling at a slow speed, and the system senses an impending front-end collision.

Rear Vision Camera
The rear vision camera is activated during reverse and displays a live image of the area directly behind the car.

Rear Cross Alert
The system makes use of sensors to alert the driver of objects directly behind the vehicle. During a reverse, the system alerts the driver if it senses an impending crash into an approaching car that isn’t in the line of vision.

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