Signs Your Vehicle Needs an Oil Change

A routine service check-in Charlotte, NC will help find out if your vehicle requires an oil change. to change your engine oil or not. Routine oil changes are overlooked by too many car owners. This can lead to further unpleasant and expensive repairs.

In fact, good, clean oil improves engine performance and extends your vehicle's life. It's not worth depending on the vehicle mileage to change your oil. Look for the following signs to tell your vehicle needs it's oil changed. 

Signs Your Vehicle Needs an Oil Chane in Charlotte.

Dashboard Alerts
The most telltale sign that your car requires an oil change is when your "Check Engine" or "Oil Change" lights up on your dashboard. This reminds you there is not enough fuel or it needs to be replenished ASAP.

Engine Noises
Another sign of an oil change when you start hearing a knocking sound. These noises from the engine start when the fluid does not do its job.

Darker Oil
 During your next visit to {DEALER NAME}, make sure to ask our service techs for an oil check-up. If the checkup reveals that the color of the oil is somewhat transparent or amber, then everything is OK. If the engine oil is dark or dirty, however, this is a warning that your car needs a change in fuel. Make it a point to test your engine oil condition once in 30 days to be on the safer side.

Additional Signs
Further indications your vehicle needs an oil change is when the cabin begins to reek oil. Remember, if the exhaust is spewing out smoke, do not keep your car idle. 

When there are several miles on your speedometer, it's time for a top-off. A change of oil is typically required for old cars after 3000 miles or 3 months. For a new model every 6000 miles or 6 months.

In conclusion, you need to change your vehicle's oil on a regular basis to prevent premature aging. The right amount and quality also prevent unwanted wear and tear. This makes sure you don't have to pay later for expensive engine repairs.

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