Simple Steps to Prepare your Vehicle for Winter

Winter is almost upon us, and it's time to get your vehicle prepared. If you live in Durham and own a car, then head over to a Victory Chevrolet Charlotte's Service Department. 

8 Steps to Prepare your Vehicle for Winter
1. Replace the battery.
Car owners use their vehicle's heaters and headlights a lot during the winter. They keep the engine running to prevent the engine from freezing. But, also tend to extract too much battery power. Over the course of a few weeks, your car's battery may run out of juice. 

Keep this from happening by getting your car battery changed before winter sets in. 

2. Fill-up the engine with antifreeze coolant.
The engine can freeze during very cold temperatures. When this happens, your car refuses to start, leaving you stranded on the road. Replacing the engine can then become quite expensive. This is why you need to top-up your engine with antifreeze coolant before the winter. The right combination is 50:50: Antifreeze: Water. 

3. Check the pressure & treads of your tires.
During the winter months, streets are more common in slipping hazards. Slush from the ice can sink your tires if you don’t have the right tire pressure and tread depth. The suggested tread on car tires should at best have 3mm treads and a PSI between 30 & 35 for a safe winter drive. Always refer to your owner’s manual as proper tire pressure may vary.

4. Fix your headlights.
It can get challenging to spot an oncoming vehicle in the winter fog. That’s why you need strong and well-charged headlights. Take your car to a local mechanic and get your headlights inspected before winter sets in. 

6. Have your windshield and wipers cleaned or replaced.
A fogged-up windshield can wreak havoc during winter. Once the quality of the wipers reduces, so is the change for severe road hazards. Antifreeze windshield cleaning agents help to maintain your windshield clear of any ice. You should also have your wipers wiped-down or even replaced (if damaged). 

7. Get your brakes checked.
Ice and snow can make the roads very slippery. You’ll need strong brakes to keep yourself safe as you drive. 

8. Update your vehicle insurance.
Most insurance companies offer competitive terms for car insurance in Raleigh, Cary, or Chapel Hill during the winter. As the best practice, make sure it offers complete breakdown and accident coverage.

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