How to Install a Trailer Brake Controller?

Safe trailering is crucial, and most people are worried more about the speed at which the tow vehicle would pull the trailer. But the real concern is slowing the load down. This is where a trailer brake controller becomes important.

If you are aware of a trailer brake controller and have already invested in one, then here are a few steps to follow for installing it:

1. Disconnect The Battery 
It’s always recommended that you disconnect the negative battery cable when you work on your vehicle’s electrical systems. The same goes when installing a trailer brake controller. Disconnecting the battery helps you avoid personal injury and damage to your car’s electrical system. 

2. Know Where To Mount The Trailer Brake Controller
The next step is to determine a suitable location to place the trailer brake controller. Most vehicles, particularly SUVs and large pickup trucks, the best place is below and off to the side of the steering wheel. 

The trailer brake controller will be easily more visible here but not pose any obstruction for the driver. If your vehicle has sensitive systems like CB radio or other RF transmitters, then don’t install the brake close to these electronics.

3. Drill Holes
After placing the brake controller positioned in the desired location, you need to drill the holes to fix it. Use the mounting bracket to mark where to pierce. However, always be careful about what you are drilling into. Do it mindfully so that you don’t damage the components behind the dash. If possible, try to remove the panel that you are drilling into to prevent damages of any sort.

4. Fasten The Brake Controller Into Place
After drilling the holes, reposition the trailer brake controller and put the fasteners included with the unit. Some trailer brake controllers come with self-tapping screws. However, when tightening the screws, avoid overtightening them. Attach the trailer brake controller to the bracket using the included bolts.

5. Plug-In The Brake Controller
With a vehicle-specific wiring harness, plug the trailer brake controller into your vehicle. Plug one end of the wiring harness into your vehicle’s factory harness located under the dash. Plug the other end into the trailer brake controller. Know that the exact location of your vehicle’s factory wiring harness may differ. 

If you want help installing a trailer brake controller, you can consult one of our Chevy in Charlotte at Victory Chevrolet Charlotte.