2020 Chevrolet Suburban

Present the All-New 2020 Chevrolet Suburban

The brand new 2020 Chevrolet Suburban is packed with plenty of exciting features. The car can seat up to nine people – making it a fantastic choice for families. With its impressive engine prowess and cargo capabilities, this vehicle is sure to be a hit amongst the people.


The 2020 Chevy Suburban is a large SUV with a 5.3L V8 engine offering up to 8,300 pounds of towing capability and phenomenal highway mileage of 22 MPG. The Chevrolet Suburban Premier model comes with a 6.2 L V8 engine for extra power. The engine gives off an impressive 380 horsepower as well as 383 lb-ft torques for enhanced traction and control of the vehicle.


The new 2020 Chevy Suburban can seat up to nine people with its luxurious three-row seating space. The car features an acoustic-laminated windshield and triple-sealed doors, giving it a stylish appeal and a hidden lockable storage compartment with USB port for maximum security. The vehicle has about 121.7 cu. Ft. of cargo space – making it the ideal vehicle for holidays and camping trips. With premium insulated leather seats, hands-free power liftgate and up to 14 available charging locations, the model is indeed a symbol of impeccable craftsmanship.


The 2020 Chevrolet Suburban features an advanced Chevrolet Infotainment System that enables Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The car is installed with a powerful 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot for the best connectivity. The available rear-seat Blu-Ray/DVD Entertainment System provides the best entertainment option for your passengers. 


The vehicle comes with the most reasonable safety and driver assistance features. The available automatic emergency braking system and forward-collision alert will help advise the driver in the possible event of any imminent possibility of a potential collision.

Equipped with an intriguing safety alert allows the driver to receive vibration pulses from the bottom of their seat for any collision warnings. The rear vision camera enables the driver to receive additional assistance, with a rear cross-traffic alert as well as a standard rear park assist. 

The 2020 Chevrolet Suburban is packed with the best. Surrounded by comfort, design, utility, and performance. For that reason book a test drive on the all-new 2020 Chevrolet Suburban in Charlotte, NC. Enjoy the most comfortable and exciting driving experience. Don't make a mistake and buy somewhere else. Buy with confidence. Buy from Victory Chevrolet!

Source: Chevrolet