Chevrolet Safety

Chevrolet Safety

Chevrolet has always had safety as one of its greatest priorities. They've shown on their website it has accomplished everything necessary for a safe driving experience. That combined with accountable drivers can be a great assurance that a Chevy is a reliable and secure car to have on the highway.

Let's review some safety features of Chevrolet's Braking systems:
Chevy built their vehicles with Front Pedestrian Braking and Forward Automatic Braking systems. If the car detects an approaching collision, the braking systems warn the driver to use brakes. If the driver does not brake when advised, the system will automatically stop the car to avoid an effect.

  • Cameras
    Cameras: Drivers have nearly no blind spots with Chevrolet's built-in cameras. There's an adaptive cruise control camera, a rear vision camera, high-definition surround vision, and a rear camera mirror. With all the cameras and the mirror in the position. Thanks to improved visual help, everything from a cruise-controlled velocity, reversing, changing lanes and the car can do more with ease and effectiveness.

  • Alerts and Warning Systems
    Being a poor driver is nearly impossible with a Chevrolet. If you change lanes or if a car is coming up along your side, you get an alert and you even get help with the steering wheel to maintain you in your lane. The car always reminds you to use the turning signal when necessary and provided the permission to turn only when the highway is clear.

  • Assist Features:
    The assist features on the Chevy make sure you never have an issue with inverse parking. If there is any cross traffic, the car alerts you and guides to stop before you collide with anything you might not see. Safety design: Chevy has constructed the body with safety in mind. To help not injure passengers during a collision, Chevy has installed high-strength steel combines with strategic zones that absorb in effect. There is also a six-airbag system for driver and passenger protection in the vehicle. Chevrolet in Myrtle Beach ticks all the right safety boxes.
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Source: Chevrolet